Minister Dipuo Peters on spate of weekend road crashes

  • Date: Sep 12, 2016
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The spate of weekend road crashes and fatalities remains on an increase in the major part of our country roads. Human factor attributed as the most contributory factor of these crashes.


This follows a crash that occurred on Friday, 09 September 2016, on the P68 near the R612, Highflats in KwaZulu Natal. A Chrysler and an Isuzu LDV type vehicle was involved. Seven (7) people died and four (4) people were injured and rushed to the nearest hospital.


Although the precise cause of this crash is still under investigation, most of these crashes are characterised by speeding, overtaking in the face of oncoming traffic, hit and run and driving under the influence of alcohol and not wearing seat belts.


“As we always declared that “road safety is everyone’s responsibility, whether you are a vehicle driver, passenger and pedestrian, our law enforcement officers are directed always to be on high alert, to be visible and to patrol all known hazardous areas.” Minister Peters warned.


Minister Peters reaffirmed that the government of South Africa, through law enforcement agencies, will continue to ensure that we get-ride of bad elements on our roads who continue unabated to cause unnecessary pain to families and hurt the South African economy because the majority of people who get involved in the majority of these crashes are young people, who are bread winners in their families and who are still economically active.


Minister Peters further said road safety is a different kind of struggle. It requires commitment and dedication from everyone to move South Africa forward to a safer future.


“We are at the final stages to complete our National Road Safety Strategy, which clearly articulate our road safety plan and those of our stakeholders to fight this scourge of road fatalities. We have engaged in this struggle together with many stakeholders including faith based organisations, road freight associations, the taxi industry, artists and others to inculcate a culture of road safety awareness,” Minister confirmed.


The intention of the Road Safety Strategy is to highlight the main factors which are often the root cause of carnages in our roads.


“On the legislative side, our intention to introduce AARTO is to address this situation by encouraging responsible driving habits and adherence to traffic laws amongst the motoring public. AARTO is a system to deal with offenders who break the rules of the road. The main reasons for the system are to encourage compliance and allocate demerit points to traffic offenders. The intention is to reduce road crashes and, thus making the country’s roads safer,” said Minister Peters.


“The AARTO system will classify traffic violations as infringements and offences; operates a uniform penalty system for traffic infringements; and provides traffic offenders with an administrative process to deal with traffic infringements, Minister Peter confirmed.


The Department of Transport, through all its road entities, led by the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC), Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA), South African National Road Agency (SANRAL), the Road Accident Fund (RAF) in collaboration with the South African Police Services (SAPS) are determined to reduce this unacceptably high number of crashes and deaths on our roads.


“Every province has put in place plans to ensure that we achieve a 50% reduction in fatalities and crashes based on last year’s figures. Part of our plans which includes highly visible traffic law enforcement patrols on all known hazardous routes, roving law enforcement operation in hotspots including built-up areas such as suburbs, townships and villages continued since we launched our 365 day road safety campaign, Minister Peters e-iterated.


“We will continue paying special focus on private motor vehicles and light delivery vehicles. Statistics indicate that these vehicles together contribute to more than 56% of collisions on the roads. There will be an intense focus moving violation of traffic regulations by these vehicles and the instructions have been issued to traffic officers to arrest those who driver recklessly and negligent and use excessive speed. To qualify our statistics the, 9 September 2016, crash in KwaZulu Natal and many more of these LDV type vehicles happen in majority” Minister Peters highlighted.


Minister Peters also indicated that more attention will continue to be paid on passenger and pedestrian safety because statistics indicate that passengers and pedestrians together constituted 70% of people who died on the roads.


“To deal with scourge, heavy fines will be issued for every passengers not wearing a seatbelt and child who is not on a child restraint. Road safety officers will be placed at points where pedestrian cross busy roads and cause crashes,” Minister Peters warned.


Minister Peters passes her heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the deceased as a result of crashes on our roads and wishes those in hospital a speedy recovery.

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