The TSI aims to guide and empower businesses in the industry to manage criminal incidents and other related incidents.
Download the following documents to empower your business:

A Free Accommodation Facility Risk Management Checklist for Your Business
Download from this link:
Online interactive risk assessment for your micro and small organisation
Please visit this link:

Infosum 06/2016: Tourism Safety & Security Risk Factors – A New Model

icon_legend_pdfInfosum 06/2016


Infosum 05/2016: A Comparison of a Few Select Sources on Tourism Safety Tips in SA

icon_legend_pdfInfosum 05/2016


Infosum 04/2016: The Changing Concept of Safety and Security in Tourism

icon_legend_pdfInfosum 04/2016

Infosum 03/2016 Airport Follow-Home Robberies

icon_legend_pdfInfosum 03/2016 

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