How to Safeguard Your Cash

How you can avoid being the victim of cash robberies

  • Carry as little cash as possible
  • Consider the convenience of paying your accounts electronically (consult your bank to find out about available options)
  • Consider making use of cellphone banking or internet transfers or ATMs to do your banking

How you can avoid being a victim of cash robberies

  • Alternate the days and times on which you can deposit cash
  • Never make your bank visits public, even to people close to you
  • Do not openly display the money you are depositing while you are standing in the bank queue
  • Avoid carrying money bags, briefcases or openly displaying your receipt book
  • It’s advisable to identify another branch nearby that you can visit, to ensure that your banking pattern is not easily recognizable or detected
  • If the amount of cash you are regularly depositing is increasing as your business grows, consider using the services of a cash management company
  • Refrain from giving wages to your contract or casual labourers in full view of the public, rather make use of wage accounts that can be provided by your bank
  • Refrain from driving to the bank in your company branded vehicle on a typical ‘payday’
  • Consider arranging for electronic transfers of wages to your contract or casual labourers’ personal bank accounts

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