Fake Booking Websites – how you can fight back

On isolated occasions, misplacing a guest’s reservation can happen, but hotels take mistakes such as these very seriously. It’s a different matter entirely when a guest arrives at a hotel having booked a room at a rate that is not being offered by the hotel, with a third-party site that cannot be verified.

Fake booking websites can cheat guests out of money and cause operational headaches for hotels, and are such a danger that the Federal Trade Commission is now targeting them.

Online bookings comprise the vast majority of hotel bookings the world over, and travelers are susceptible to offering money and their personal information to entities not affiliated with hotels, stranding themselves when they eventually arrive at their destination.

Anywhere a monetary transaction can take place, so, too, can scams occur. “We realized when we first created and published our own site that there was potential for online fraud,” said Felipe Carreras, director, eCommerce for Best Western International. “Over the years since, we have taken a number of steps to ensure not only the security of guests when they are on our site, but also to position our site so as to avoid confusion with guests.”

This article is part one of a three-part series on fake booking websites.

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